This solar generator has a wide variety of uses and real world applications. We at Skytek have developed a starter kit that is perfect for a wide variety of applications. We will continue to develop more versions of larger and smaller scales. We feel this is the most versatile version to begin with.


There are always going to be those remote locations or circumstances where a generator is necessary in the construction field. If you are in the construction field you will know what I am talking about. When it comes to noise levels and operating cost hands down using the Gen2k wins every day all day. Moving a gas generator to the job can be a 2 man job to get it in and out of the truck depending on the size of the generator. The Gen2k is also a 2 man job, but to make this easier we have designed the hitch receiver platform to set this generator on. It makes it easier to move the Gen2k from one location to the other.


If you have purchased this generator for a backup purpose, one of the perks is that you will have it to use in situations that would normally rarely experience the joys of having electricity such as camping. We have posted a video that can show you how to bring a few simple pleasures to the great outdoors. Imagine that remote log cabin with a plug and play solar system that can run the most simple pleasures. Just being able to turn on the lights with the flick of  a switch can be a long missed tradition in an area where the candle light or lantern light is normal.

Outdoor Movie/Recreation

There are a few things in life that are not necessary and serve no practical purpose, but having “the ability” to is something that most people cannot is simply pleasurable just knowing that you have the ability. A fun evening may involve putting the Gen2k on the hitch and grabbing your projector and roll up screen with a few chairs, and don’t forget the microwave to make fresh popcorn. Finding that in the middle of a field in a quiet yet remote location you have “the ability” to create an outdoor movie scene is pure bliss. Maybe a recreational event in a remote location, whatever the event may be just having “that ability” is something in itself.

Boat Docks

There are a lot of lakes that are not allowing you to have shore power brought to your dock anymore. Imaging owning a solar generator for your boat dock that you can roll out during summer when you are regularly using your boat dock, bolt it down, plug in your solar panels that you either mounted yourself or had mounted by a handy man, and you now have a renewable power source on your dock that you can remove when boating season is over and its time to role it back to your garage and keep it plugged in for the moment that an outage occurs and you need power for 7 days during that long outage. Having your solar panels that you can take out of the garage and setup will give you the renewable independence as a byproduct of having your Gen2k.

Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster occurs, it may take days, weeks, months, even years depending on the severity of the event. Having these units can be a much needed power source where getting a fuel resupply line back in may not be that feasible for the standard gas powered generator. No matter what the scenario, having a quiet power source that can be deployed at a moment’s notice can be priceless. We encourage organizations such as FEMA, Police, Fire departments to keep our system as a potential solution.

Battery Back Up

There are certain things that cannot go without power without fatal repercussions. These situations normally deploy some sort of battery backup system. They are situations such as server rooms, or small tellcom microsites, or veterinarian operating rooms. When the power goes out there is no flicker, just a clean transfer of power to the battery backup. We at Skytek have a solution that also plays in this role of battery backup, it is the Gen2k.