About Us

James Bartley is the developer of SkyTek Systems, he is also the owner of Skywire Electrical Systems. He is a master electrician who has always been into electrical anything since he was 12 years old. Most people don’t know what they want to do with their lives, even after college, but James has known what his passion was and pursued it in every way since that day. A short while after starting Skywire Electrical Systems LLC James went to California to get his solar certification. Coming back to Missouri, he continued the normal routine of running his electrical business with a few solar jobs every year being the highlight, he began to dive a little more into this passion. That is when he noticed a problem that he wanted to solve. How to bring a complete package plug and play solar system to the end user that fits most average needs for backup power. After looking at the other products he saw that there was a lack of quality and reputable products to be found. This is the birth of Skytek Systems and James will continue to develop more versions and uses. Thank you for anyone who believes in James and shows there support.

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