This is really a good synopsis of what our SkyGen2k is all about. If you have been looking at getting into solar, or always wanted to have your own solar system with battery backup, this is the perfect starter version for you. The cost of getting into a solar system with battery backup can seem out of reach to a lot of people. In fact a decent sized battery backup system installed by a professional can be anywhere in the range from $20k-$50k and of course like most situations, there is no limit to how large of a battery backup system can be installed. The Gen2k allows one to have a great starter solar kit that is expandable without hiring an electrician or solar installer to make that happen for you because of the plug and play design characteristics integrated into our solar generator. The Gen2k comes standard with a 170amp hour 12volt battery inside. We know that there will be applications where battery storage capacities need to be larger than 170 amp hours, so that is why we have our amp170ss expandable pack with easy setup that only involves plugging in the battery with the connector cable that comes with the amp170ss.