At Skytek we have strived to put together the best products in a compact specially designed stainless steel enclosure. Here are a few design points that let us stand above the rest.

True Sign Wave Inverter
Outback Power is a well-known and revered player in the renewable energies market. Their inverters are widely used in many applications all over the world.
High Solar Input Capabilities
Outback Power makes an outstanding charge controller that has made a name for itself in the solar industry. We are using this 80amp charge controller with a 1000 watts of solar input.
Advanced Line of Battery
Northstar Battery Company is a true made in the U.S.A. company, they have the highest level of quality control and there product reputability shows its true colors when compared against the rest. We are using there NSB170ft Blue+ line of battery.
Plug & Play Design Characteristics
This solar generator was designed around the average consumer that is not an electrician or a professional solar installer. We have designed this so that operation is as easy as possible. We have used all plug and play design points, so that this portable solar generator can be set up at ease.
Take a Look Underneath the Hood
We are not afraid to show or tell you what products we are using to bring you your portable solar system, that is why we are able to stand behind and proudly display these products. This product shell was designed in such a way that when you open the “hood” you get to view the top notch products that form the heart of this product.
Plug It In and Forget It
When you bring it back to anywhere near shore power like your garage receptacle for example, all you need to do is plug in the extension cord to the shore power inlet on the side. This will begin the charging process automatically by the inverter. This is convenient for many applications and will accept power from a small portable generator if you are on a remote location with too many cloudy days in a row to charge your system back up, or if you are just bringing it back from a hard day of work at the jobsite and you want to top of the Gen2k for use the next morning, or if you purchase this for the “what if” scenarios and you just want to keep it for backup purposes in case of an emergency.
Radio w/ Input Jack to Play Your Own Music
We have incorporated a radio into this solar generator for a multitude of convenient reasons and uses on construction sites, camping sites, Boat Docks, Log cabins, and so many more applications.
Expandable Battery Base
We have designed this to operate with an expandable battery pack system. You can set the amp170ss next to the unit and daisy chain them together to plug right into the side of the Gen2k