How It Works

The Gen2k works like a miniature portable solar battery backup system. All you have to do is turn this on and you are instantly operational. While you are operating off of your built in 170amp/hour battery you have plenty of time to plug in your desired loads and get those going first while you then setup your solar panels, and expandable battery packs (amp170ss) you do not have to have the expandable battery packs or the solar panels for this to work in small outages for battery backup applications, but for a renewable regeneration of power you will need the solar panels, and for large continuous load draws depending on the size you may need the expandable battery packs.

SkyGen2k is a Premium Product

First note that we have comprised the best BOS components in the market “military grade” and put them together in a custom designed package. Here is an everyday real world example: When you go out to purchase a high end car you know you are buying the best and the quality is something you are willing to pay for. This is the same concept, the best may not be the cheapest, we are not hiding a modified sign wave inverter like others, we are not putting a cheap Chinese battery in this like others, we are not giving you a very tiny solar input capability like others, we are not cramming all of this in a plastic case you can buy off the shelf like others. We understand that the market may be a smaller niche market to go after, but quality speaks for itself and we hope that others may feel the same way. When it comes to comparing this to running full time against a gas powered generator hands down the payback could be in just a few years when you start comparing just the operating cost of fuel and routine maintenance involved against a gas powered generator.