Skytek Systems is devoted to developing the best all-around solar generator that is simple, yet powerful. Combining the top Inverter, charge controller, and agm battery, in the most compact custom shell for its class, we are using the most reliable brands on the market. NorthStar Batteries, and Outback power systems, these brands are what keeps our solar generator at the top of the food chain. This portable solar generator is a mid-size generator that is larger than the small compact but more mobile than the trailer tow behind. Utilizing a True Sign wave 2,000 watt Inverter and an 80 amp charge controller from Outback Power systems, combined with a 170 amp hour agm battery from NorthStar Battery Systems, and the expandable port for external battery packs that are plug and play, this solar generator is built on principles of the best that is out there.

Why A Solar Generator

When a utility outage occurs or a natural disaster presents itself, or you just want the freedom of electricity in an area where it normally doesn’t come easily. Whether it’s at an area like a camp ground where being quiet is priceless, or a boat dock where getting electricity can be achieved only by a smaller solar system, having the Renewable independence can be worth more than its weight in gold. We know that reliability and quality are two main characteristics that can mean life or death in the right circumstances and that is why we have put together the Skytek Gen2k.
SkyGen2k Advantage
The Starter Solar Kit